Cutting Tools

Japanese blacksmiths perfected the blade. Samurai swords are a great example of what their special techniques could produce.

Today, companies work in the same areas, and carry on the spirit of their ancestors using traditional techniques combined with modern machines to produce the world’s best saws, planes, chisels and more.

All our cutting tools come from trusted names. Brands like Kakuri, Olfa and Shozaburo, who make their products with care to ensure performance and durability.

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Olfa Special M Wallpaper Cutter Utility Knife 145B-DaitoolOlfa Special M Wallpaper Cutter Utility Knife 145B-Daitool
Olfa A+ Slim Retractable Utility Knife 215B-DaitoolOlfa A+ Slim Retractable Utility Knife 215B-Daitool
Olfa Retractable Craft Utility Knife 141BS-DaitoolOlfa Retractable Craft Utility Knife 141BS-Daitool
Hozan Spoke Cutter Bike Spoke Cutting Tool C-216-DaitoolHozan Spoke Cutter Bike Spoke Cutting Tool C-216-Daitool
Olfa Rotary Cutter 28mm 233B-DaitoolOlfa Rotary Cutter 28mm 233B-Daitool
Olfa Cutter Knife Speed Hyper AL-227B-DaitoolOlfa Cutter Knife Speed Hyper AL-227B-Daitool
Hasegawa Canary Bond-free Taping Scissors NS-160-DaitoolHasegawa Canary Bond-free Taping Scissors NS-160-Daitool
Hasegawa Canary Bond-free Handicraft Scissors GX-175-DaitoolHasegawa Canary Bond-free Handicraft Scissors GX-175-Daitool
Hasegawa Canary Office Scissors Gray EP-175F-DaitoolHasegawa Canary Office Scissors Gray EP-175F-Daitool
Chikamasa Craft Scissors FB-200-DaitoolChikamasa Craft Scissors FB-200-Daitool
Engineer Combination Scissors GT PH-55-DaitoolEngineer Combination Scissors GT PH-55-Daitool
Engineer Multipurpose Scissors PH-50-DaitoolEngineer Multipurpose Scissors PH-50-Daitool
Engineer Japanese Scissors Tetsuwan PH-57-DaitoolEngineer Japanese Scissors Tetsuwan PH-57-Daitool

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