Olfa Special Black Blade Large Size Utility Knife Replacement Blades (25 pack) LBB25K

Sale price$8.99

The Special Black series of blades from Olfa emphasizes sharpness. They are sharper than typical utility knife blades, because the cutting edge is ground at a sharper angle.

The added sharpness means they can cut through corrugated cardboard, plastics, and multiple sheets of paper without much force, but they will dull slightly faster than a standard utility knife blade.

If you're cutting thicker or more rigid materials often, Olfa Special Black Blades are just right for you. If you need a blade for less heavy-duty work, try the Olfa Speed Blade.

This pack of 25 blades comes in a special blade case that can be clipped to your pocket or work belt, giving you one-touch access whenever you need to change blades. Suitable for Olfa large-size (18mm) cutters.

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