Olfa was a company born from an idea. In the 1940s, Olfa's founder was working at a printing company. He'd spend all day cutting paper with a razor blade. When both corners of the blade got dull, he'd have to throw it away. He considered it a waste. So he had the idea to create a blade that you could keep using for a long time.

Eventually, he created the segmented utility knife blade we know today. A blade with sections that can be broken off to create a new, sharp cutting edge.

Today Olfa creates a wide range of utility knives, blades and other cutting tools. 

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Olfa Rotary Cutter 28mm 233B-DaitoolOlfa Rotary Cutter 28mm 233B-Daitool
Olfa Special M Wallpaper Cutter Utility Knife 145B-DaitoolOlfa Special M Wallpaper Cutter Utility Knife 145B-Daitool
Olfa Cutter Knife Speed Hyper AL-227B-DaitoolOlfa Cutter Knife Speed Hyper AL-227B-Daitool
Olfa Retractable Craft Utility Knife 141BS-DaitoolOlfa Retractable Craft Utility Knife 141BS-Daitool
Olfa A+ Slim Retractable Utility Knife 215B-DaitoolOlfa A+ Slim Retractable Utility Knife 215B-Daitool

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