If you're looking for quality, handmade Japanese gardening and agricultural tools, then Azui has you covered. Located in the countryside of Hyogo prefecture in Miki city, an area renowned for its agricultural tool industry, Azui's blacksmiths have been hand making gardening tools for decades.

Forged from the best Japanese steel and iron, and featuring durable wooden handles, these tools are built to last a lifetime. Azui are proud of their history and their techniques, which have been passed down through the family business, and they make each tool with care and precision.

If you're looking for a hoe, an axe, a mattock, or a digging fork - Azui is the brand for you. They have a variety of hoes, picks, mattocks, axes and adzes for many different uses, so you're sure to find the perfect fit.

Azui's blacksmiths are truly experts of their craft. Talented craftsmen with decades of experience working in the blistering heat to forge tough steel and iron with sheer willpower. Their dedication and skill ensures that only the highest quality Japanese gardening and agriculture tools bear the company logo. If you want quality, you want Azui.
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