Azui Handmade Carbon Steel Garden Hoe With Wood Handle 76mm-Daitool
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Azui Handmade Carbon Steel Garden Hoe With Wood Handle 76mm


This durable handheld garden hoe is the perfect standard hoe for all your weeding and earth-moving needs.

Its sharp blade, hammer-forged by experienced blacksmiths out of high carbon steel, quickly and easily cuts through weeds at their roots. If you have a small home garden or communal plot, this hoe will make light work of all those pesky weeds tha pop up in the spring.

In addition, it's 76mm blade isn't too wide, so it can be used for creating trenches and furrows, and loosening up soil.

It's lightweight and easy to use with just one hand, so you can quickly work through any small plot you might have. Experience the quality and longevity that comes with a handmade Japanese tool.

  • Material: Carbon steel, beech wood
  • Head width: 76mm
  • Head length: 160mm
  • Handle length: 390mm
  • Weight: 480g
  • Made in Japan
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