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Japan produces a wide range of single and multi-purpose electrician tools. Japanese electrician tools are light and easy to use, but strong enough to withstand a worksite.

Whether you’re working on a small repair or a large project we have a wide range of electrician tools from the best names in the industry. We’ll deliver them from Japan, right to your door. Make your life easier with Japanese anti-static bags, crimping and wire-stripping pliers, and circuit-testing screwdrivers.

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Engineer Circuit Tester Screwdriver DKD-01-DaitoolEngineer Circuit Tester Screwdriver DKD-01-Daitool
Engineer Wire Stripper for Thick Wire PA-07-DaitoolEngineer Wire Stripper for Thick Wire PA-07-Daitool
Engineer Wire Stripper for Ultrathin Wire PA-14-DaitoolEngineer Wire Stripper for Ultrathin Wire PA-14-Daitool
Engineer Handy Crimp Tool Complete Set PAD-02-DaitoolEngineer Handy Crimp Tool Complete Set PAD-02-Daitool
Engineer Bare Terminal Set PA-91-DaitoolEngineer Bare Terminal Set PA-91-Daitool
Engineer Insulated Terminal Set PA-92-DaitoolEngineer Insulated Terminal Set PA-92-Daitool
Engineer Lock Holder (Straight Point) PH-03-DaitoolEngineer Lock Holder (Straight Point) PH-03-Daitool
Engineer Lock Holder (Curved Point) PH-04-DaitoolEngineer Lock Holder (Curved Point) PH-04-Daitool
Engineer Electronic Snips (Straight Point) PH-33-DaitoolEngineer Electronic Snips (Straight Point) PH-33-Daitool
Engineer Electronic Snips (Curved Point) PH-34-DaitoolEngineer Electronic Snips (Curved Point) PH-34-Daitool
Engineer LED Magnifying Lamp SL-23-DaitoolEngineer LED Magnifying Lamp SL-23-Daitool
Engineer Head Loupe SL-80-DaitoolEngineer Head Loupe SL-80-Daitool
Engineer Head Loupe SL-80
Sale price$85.99
Engineer Spring Hook SS-21-DaitoolEngineer Spring Hook SS-21-Daitool
Fujiya VA Wire Stripper FVA101-DaitoolFujiya VA Wire Stripper FVA101-Daitool
Save $10.00
Fujiya Kurokin VA Wire Stripper FVA101-BG-DaitoolFujiya Kurokin VA Wire Stripper FVA101-BG-Daitool
Fujiya Kurokin VA Wire Stripper FVA101-BG
Sale price$89.00 Regular price$99.00
Engineer Anti-static Bags S Size 100 Pieces ZC-92-DaitoolEngineer Anti-static Bags S Size 100 Pieces ZC-92-Daitool
Engineer Anti-static Bags M Size 100 Pieces ZC-94-DaitoolEngineer Anti-static Bags M Size 100 Pieces ZC-94-Daitool
Engineer Anti-static Bags L Size 100 Pieces ZC-96-DaitoolEngineer Anti-static Bags L Size 100 Pieces ZC-96-Daitool
Engineer Connector Extractor PAS-30-DaitoolEngineer Connector Extractor PAS-30-Daitool
Engineer Connector Extractor PAS-31-DaitoolEngineer Connector Extractor PAS-31-Daitool
Engineer Connector Extractor PAS-32-DaitoolEngineer Connector Extractor PAS-32-Daitool
Engineer Connector Extractor PAS-33-DaitoolEngineer Connector Extractor PAS-33-Daitool
Engineer Connector Extractor PAS-34-DaitoolEngineer Connector Extractor PAS-34-Daitool
Engineer Pin Extractor SS-30-DaitoolEngineer Pin Extractor SS-30-Daitool

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