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Daitool aims to bring the best Japanese tools and supplies to you, wherever you are.

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Daitool is part of Expandy Co Ltd, the company also behind Japanese Taste. Daitool was born in 2021 to empower our clients to build better by making sure they can easily access top-quality Japanese tools and supplies from 
any place in the world.

We aim to be the global reference site for industrial and construction tools and supplies of Japanese brands and meet the needs for high quality tools of small and medium companies in the construction, carpentry, gardening and industrial sectors.

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We are committed to be a trusted, dynamic and inspiring partner, motivated to support our customers with expert knowledge, unique high-quality products and innovative services. We work tirelessly to achieve that by continuously improving our product range, customer service and internal processes. Things like free and expedited delivery, personal customer service, access to wholesale prices and conditions, customs clearance and affordable prices, are just some of the things we do to serve you better - and there is much more to come!
Most of our products are made in Japan, in factories and workshops run by people we know and trust. Japanese tools and supplies are considered as one of the best in the world, high-quality and efficient products at affordable prices. On top of that our hand-curated products are thoroughly tested and inspected before offering them to our customers.
From product procurement to delivery including warehousing, orders management and preparation, international logistics, customs clearance, customer service and content creation, we expand the reach of Japanese construction and industrial brands by taking care of the whole process. By transforming the global distribution structure of tools and supplies with the power of technology we eliminate the hassle of our customers in procuring top-quality tools and materials, contributing to create resources for them to work on their core business and to improve productivity. Through the chain of transformation and value provision, we aim to solve the problems that customers are facing and contribute to the development of the entire industrial and construction sectors.

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