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Japanese measuring tools are known for being accurate and precise, in an age where cheaply constructed measuring tapes and rulers can be as much as half and inch off. Tapes, levels, guides, rulers, micrometers and calipers from brands like Tajima and Mitutoyo are guaranteed to be true and accurate.

There's a reason why carpenters and engineers around the world choose Japanese rulers, tapes and guides above all others - even if it means importing them. With a Japanese measuring tool, the old adage of "measure twice, cut once" becomes a thing of the past.

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Tajima Sturdy 5.0m Tape Measure GASFG3GLM25-50BL-DaitoolTajima Sturdy 5.0m Tape Measure GASFG3GLM25-50BL-Daitool
Tajima Sturdy 5.0m Tape Measure GASFG3GLM25-50BL
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Sale price$34.00
Tajima Box Level Spirit Level 150mm BX2-S15-Daitool
Tajima Box Level Spirit Level 300mm BX2-S30-Daitool
Mitutoyo Digimatic Caliper CD-15AX (500-151-30)-DaitoolMitutoyo Digimatic Caliper CD-15AX (500-151-30)-Daitool
Mitutoyo Vernier Caliper N15 (530-101)-DaitoolMitutoyo Vernier Caliper N15 (530-101)-Daitool
Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer M110-50 (103-138)-DaitoolMitutoyo Outside Micrometer M110-50 (103-138)-Daitool
Mitutoyo Outside Micrometer M110-25 (103-137)-DaitoolMitutoyo Outside Micrometer M110-25 (103-137)-Daitool

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