Work & Safety Gloves

Your hands are your most important tool, so make sure to protect them with high-quality Japanese work gloves. We have a range of work and safety gloves including; anti static gloves, anti vibration gloves, cut resistant gloves, waterproof work gloves, electrician gloves, fireproof gloves and non slip gloves from the most trusted manufacturers in Japan.

If you want something flexible yet durable, a pair of rubber vulcanized knitted gloves is the best way to go. If you're operating machinery with touchscreens, or use your phone or tablet often at work, we have many varieties of touchscreen work gloves and safety gloves, too.

We partner with the best in the business to provide Japan's finest workwear wherever you are, worldwide. We sell rubber gloves for gardening and fishery, anti vibration gloves for operating heavy impact tools, and abrasion resistant gloves for those extra tough jobs. All of our work gloves are made in Japan to Japanese standards, using the highest quality materials available.