Atom Shingen-kun Anti-Vibration Gloves Rubber Work Gloves 1130

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Atom Gloves' Shingen-kun Anti-Vibration Gloves are high-quality impact and vibration dampening gloves with excellent breathability.

The gloves are made of a comfortable knitted cotton/nylon blend (nylon/spandex for S size) and are coated in a thick padding of synthetic rubber, applied in a special pattern designed to absorb and dampen vibrations and shock from using power tools such as brush cutters, rock drills, impact drivers and other impact tools.

These comfortable and attractive knitted gloves are expertly bonded with a high-quality synthetic rubber with fantastic staying power. From the knit, to the rubber, these gloves were designed to last.

The synthetic rubber coating also has strong anti-slip properties, so you can have that extra peace of mind while you work.

Size: S

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