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Deen is a Japanese tool brand developed in response to public demand. After years of selling high-end professional tools, and listening to the feedback, ideas and concerns of their customers, the founders of Factory Gear, a Japanese tool shop, understood that every tool can be improved by simply responding to the people who use them the most and created their own tool brand.

Deen have developed a number of unique and novel tools, as well as improved upon tried and tested toolbox favorites. They make various types of ratchets and wrenches, hex bit and socket adapters, ratcheting rings, swivel ratchets, box wrenches, pliers, vise grips, combination crimping pliers, ratcheting screwdrivers, Japanese toolboxes and more.

Deen tools are developed in direct response to the feedback of the people who use them. They are versatile construction, DIY and automotive tools developed to the highest of Japanese standards. If you want tools that can do a little bit more, work a little bit more efficiently, or solve more than a single problem - look no further than Deen.

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