Deen Bent Nose Double Joint Pliers Long Reach 45° Pliers 340mm

Sale price$54.00

Double joint (or Double-X) pliers are the ideal tool for picking up and manipulating items in narrow spaces. These Deen Double Joint Pliers have two key features that offer a more versatile tool than standard long nose pliers. 

1. They are significantly longer than standard long nose pliers. Adding the second joint, by nature, lengthens the tool. So while most long nose pliers are typically 200mm to 280mm, these pliers by Deen are a whopping 340mm.

2. You just need to open the handles a little for the jaws to open a lot. This is the main feature of double joint pliers. The second joint means that when you open the handles just a little bit, the jaws of the pliers open a lot. These pliers' handles need to be opened 40% narrower than standard long nose pliers for the jaws to open the same amount.

By only requiring you to open the handles a little bit, the width of these pliers is incredibly narrow, even when opened to the maximum amount. This makes it even easier to reach far in tight spaces, as the handles and your hands won't get in the way.

This particular variety of double joint pliers has a 45° bent nose, making it very easy to pick up small items like screws, nuts and more. As the mouth of the pliers is able to point directly toward the ground, you won't need to contort your arm at a strange angle to pick up dropped items in the workshop. 

Technical Details