One of the most useful tools for DIY, especially renovation, is the scraper. Scraper tools excel at removing paint, glue and other adhesives, silicone, dirt, grime, grease and other buildup. If you want to remove adhesive or glue from a window or other surface, a gentle scraper will get it off in no time. If you need to remove silicone caulking during a kitchen or bathroom renovation, a narrow scraper tool will be your best friend. Even in automotive repair, when you need to remove, repair, or replace gaskets, a gasket scraper is of course the best tool for the job. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty gasket scraper, paint scraper, narrow scraper, any other kind of scraper tool, look no further. Daitool provides the best wood scrapers, paint scrapers and more from the most trusted companies direct from Japan.