Anex Gasket Scraper Automotive Gasket Residue Removal Tool 25mm 9155

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Replacing a gasket is one of the most labor and cost intensive tasks when it comes to automotive repair and maintenance.

A blown head gasket is second only perhaps to a faulty timing belt on the list of things you don't want your mechanic to tell you. A blown gasket can be very dangerous, as gaskets are vital for engine health to prevent fluid leaks.

After completing the difficult process to take the cylinder head apart to reach the head gasket, you're now in for another tough job - removing the old gasket. It's likely corroded, melted, and truly stuck onto the cylinder head. That's where the gasket scraper comes in, as a deeply important labor-saving tool.

Use a gasket scraper to remove all the sticky, gunky residue left behind from the old gasket, and get your engine block looking clean and shiny before you install the new one.

This gasket scraper from Anex makes it even easier, as the handle has a steel end cap, you can use it as a chisel by hitting the handle with a hammer or mallet to get through all the leftover residue in no time at all. The non-slip elastomer resin handle ensures a great grip, and the chrome molybdenum vanadium steel cutting edge will stay hard and sharp for years to come.

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