PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

Personal Protective Equipment is essential for the modern worksite. There's no getting around it, safety is the most important priority on any job. Not only is it vital to worker health and performance, in most cases it's mandated by law. Protect yourself and your employees by investing in the best quality PPE you can find.

Different jobs require different protective equipment. Whether you need non-slip gloves, heatproof work gloves, safety glasses, respirators, or safety harnesses, look to Daitool to help you source the best quality Japanese PPE.

Face shields, ear muffs, nitrile gloves and welders gloves are among the most sought-after safety equipment these days, so that means it's becoming more difficult to discern which items are the highest quality. Safety gear and protective clothing are vital to protect you and your employees, so allow us to do the legwork by partnering with only the best bands that we trust to bring quality PPE direct to your door.

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Atom Extra Durable Non-Slip Work Gloves 157-DaitoolAtom Extra Durable Non-Slip Work Gloves 157-Daitool
Atom Extra Durable Non-Slip Work Gloves 157
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Atom Air Tector X Breathable Non-Slip Gloves Touchscreen Gloves 158-DaitoolAtom Air Tector X Breathable Non-Slip Gloves Touchscreen Gloves 158-Daitool
Fujiya Leather Pliers Holder LP-4D-DaitoolFujiya Leather Pliers Holder LP-4D-Daitool
Fujiya Leather Pliers Holder LP-6D-DaitoolFujiya Leather Pliers Holder LP-6D-Daitool
Fukutoku Heatproof Bakery Gloves & Arm Cover Set 270-DaitoolFukutoku Heatproof Bakery Gloves & Arm Cover Set 270-Daitool
Fukutoku Heatproof Flame-Resistant Work Gloves 241-DaitoolFukutoku Heatproof Flame-Resistant Work Gloves 241-Daitool
Engineer Conductive Gloves (Palm Coat) ZC-49-DaitoolEngineer Conductive Gloves (Palm Coat) ZC-49-Daitool
Engineer Conductive Gloves (Finger Coat) ZC-46-DaitoolEngineer Conductive Gloves (Finger Coat) ZC-46-Daitool
Engineer Anti-static Gloves (Palm Coat) ZC-56-DaitoolEngineer Anti-static Gloves (Palm Coat) ZC-56-Daitool
Engineer Anti-static Gloves (Finger Coat) ZC-53-DaitoolEngineer Anti-static Gloves (Finger Coat) ZC-53-Daitool

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