Atom Non Slip Waterproof Rubber Work Gloves 214

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These rubber work gloves from Atom were designed to take a simple and classic product and improve it as far as possible.

Rubber work gloves have been industry standards for a long time, but these days, most are mass-produced with low-quality synthetic materials, without any added features or improvements.

These gloves stand out, as they are made in Japan, to the highest Japanese standards, out of natural rubber, with a 100% cotton lining to improve comfort while working. In addition, the palms, fingers and backs of the gloves have been textured to dramatically improve grip, especially when working with water.

The exterior of the gloves is extremely durable, and the interior is soft and comfortable, ensuring that you'll be able to work without fatigue for longer periods.

These gloves are ideal for working with wet or slippery items, and are recommended for many industries, including agriculture, gardening, commercial fishing and fish processing, civil engineering and construction.

Size: S

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