Wrenches are vital tools for most industries and DIY projects. Whether you use a monkey wrench, a ratchet, or a set of spanners - it's difficult to imagine a toolbox without a wrench of some kind.

Japanese wrenches are known for their exceptional quality. Owing in part to their large automotive industry, Japanese brands have been forced to develop wrenches that can handle the demands of heavy industrial use.

Check out our range of wrenches from all the best Japanese brands below.

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Fujiya Kurokin Adjustable Monkey Wrench FGL-38-BG-DaitoolFujiya Kurokin Adjustable Monkey Wrench FGL-38-BG-Daitool
KTC Combination Wrench Set (10-Pieces Box) TM-510-Daitool
Tone Bit Ratchet Set 22 Pieces BRS20-DaitoolTone Bit Ratchet Set 22 Pieces BRS20-Daitool
Engineer Smart Monkey Wrench TWM-07-DaitoolEngineer Smart Monkey Wrench TWM-07-Daitool

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