Tone Bit Ratchet Set 22 Pieces BRS20

Sale price$39.99

A 22-piece bit ratchet set from Tone, in a convenient plastic carrying case with toolbelt clip. Bit ratchets are perfect for driving screws in tight spaces, as their low profile requires much less room than a drill or screwdriver.

In addition to working well in tight spaces, bit ratchets speed up the process of driving screws. With a traditional screwdriver you need to remove the driver from the screw to reset it with each turn, but as a ratchet handle only applies torque in one direction, and moves freely in the other, you only need to keep turning it back and forth.

This set comes with six star screwdriver bits, three flathead screwdiver bits, four hex bits, six torx bits, and a 1/4" adapter.

Technical Details