Adjustable Wrenches / Spanners

If you need to remove or tighten a nut or bolt, there are two tools that are ideal for the job: adjustable wrenches, and ratchet wrenches. The most versatile and budget-friendly of these is the adjustable wrench.

These tools, also called monkey wrenches or adjustable spanners, are designed to tighten onto any bolt or nut, and cradle it as you tighten or loosen. They come in a range of configurations - from longer handles (for extra torque, removing stuck nuts), to stubby wrenches (for removing nuts and bolts in tight places).

They have very few moving parts, so they're extremely durable, and they can be used on nuts and bolts of many sizes, as well as pipes, hex nipples, pipe fittings, and other fasteners. Japanese wrench brands, like Fujiya Kurokin and Engineer, are renowned world-over for their durable construction, high-quality materials, and comfortable use.