Fujiya was founded in 1923 in Osaka, Japan and has grown to be one of the world's foremost manufacturers of pliers and nippers.

During the postwar reconstruction, Fujiya was contracted to supply pliers to the national electricity and telecommunications companies, and in 1956 His Majesty the Emperor of Japan visited the Fujiya factories.

Now Fujiya pliers are beloved by tradespeople and electricians as durable and strong. They've always kept to their original spirit of "never lowering the quality" of the products they sell.

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Fujiya Kurokin VA Wire Stripper FVA101-BG-DaitoolFujiya Kurokin VA Wire Stripper FVA101-BG-Daitool
Fujiya Kurokin VA Wire Stripper FVA101-BG
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Fujiya Kurokin Utility Diagonal Cutting Nippers 770-150BG-DaitoolFujiya Kurokin Utility Diagonal Cutting Nippers 770-150BG-Daitool
Fujiya Kurokin Adjustable Monkey Wrench FGL-38-BG-DaitoolFujiya Kurokin Adjustable Monkey Wrench FGL-38-BG-Daitool
Fujiya Leather Pliers Holder LP-4D-DaitoolFujiya Leather Pliers Holder LP-4D-Daitool
Fujiya Leather Pliers Holder LP-6D-DaitoolFujiya Leather Pliers Holder LP-6D-Daitool
Fujiya Protech Nippers PP60-125-DaitoolFujiya Protech Nippers PP60-125-Daitool
Fujiya Protech Nippers PP60-150-DaitoolFujiya Protech Nippers PP60-150-Daitool
Fujiya VA Wire Stripper FVA101-DaitoolFujiya VA Wire Stripper FVA101-Daitool
Fujiya Diagonal Cutting Nippers 770-175-DaitoolFujiya Diagonal Cutting Nippers 770-175-Daitool

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