Fujiya Kurokin VA Wire Stripper FVA101-BG

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The newly launched FVA101-BG is a black gold-colored version of FVA101. This is a patented VA wire / EM cable stripper for ECEE works.

FVA101-BG can easily strip whatever that covers the core wire: jacket, sheath, and insulation. Just set the wire on the stripping jaws and squeeze the handles gently. No more need for an electrician knife.

Scale markings on the inner side of stripping jaws which makes stripping measurement convenient.

Grip width is the world's smallest (114mm). Users with weaker strength can use it with ease, and suitable for works at confined place.

Safety cord holes on the grip end, safe to use in high places.

Stylish black gold color, adding a sense of luxury.

A must have tool for the electrician exam candidates and of course, the working electricians.


  • The stripping jaws have two different blades. Use inner blade (flat surface) to strip the external sheath.
  • Use outer blade (waved surface) to strip the internal sheath. Make sure to fit each core wire properly into dimples.
  • For more details on stripping jaws, see here and click “APPLICATIONS”.
  • Demonstration video available at Fujiya's homepage. For more details, access here and click "MOVIE".

Technical Details