Japanese Watering Cans

Japanese watering cans are of high quality and built to last.

We offer a wide range of watering cans at Daitool to suit various purposes.

Our Negishi copper watering cans are the peak of prestige and luxury, so much so that they’re even used by the Imperial Household. They’re handmade by a small family in Tokyo, and they’re the only watering cans most master bonsai horticulturists use.

If you’re looking for something a bit more rustic, a daily-driver for your home garden, the Tsubame Jirushi galvanized iron watering can is your best bet. It’s extremely durable and has a steady, gentle flow.

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Tsubame Jirushi Galvanized Watering Can No. 4-DaitoolTsubame Jirushi Galvanized Watering Can No. 4-Daitool
Negishi Copper British Style Watering Can No. 4-DaitoolNegishi Copper British Style Watering Can No. 4-Daitool

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