Negishi Long Neck Copper Watering Can (Bonsai Watering Can) 6L

Sale price$599.00

This tool is a copper long-necked watering can made by the Negishi Industry, a Japanese specialist in producing watering cans. Although this product is originally designed for bonsai, you can use it for watering large-sized flower gardens.


  • It is designed to handle the can conveniently even when the water is fully filled.
  • Made of copper, its antimicrobial nature prevents water from decaying.
  • A copper ion dissolved into the water stimulates growth of bonsai tree and moss.
  • A supply inlet has an attached mesh strainer to prevent leaves and debris from getting into the jug.
  • Its long neck allows you to give plants a low-pressure watering without damaging their soil.
  • It has two interchangeable watering heads (straight type / oblique type).
  • This brand is highly regarded among both Japanese and overseas bonsai horticulturists.

Technical Details