Negishi Copper British Style Watering Can No. 4

Sale price$499.00

This is a British style watering can exclusively designed for outdoor gardening produced by Negishi Industry the dedicated Japanese watering can maker.

British style watering can is suitable for wide and accurate watering. Its unique grip is designed to handle the can conveniently even when the water is fully filled.

The copper's antimicrobial nature prevents water from decaying. Further, a copper ion dissolved into the water promotes plant growth.

A supply inlet has an attached mesh strainer which is helpful in preventing leaves and debris getting into the jug.

Elongate neck facilitates water flow control resulting in even and sustained watering. This product has two interchangeable watering heads (straight type / oblique type).

Negishi's products are popular among Japanese and Western horticultural experts. This handmade watering can will enrich your gardening experience.

Technical Details