Fujiya Kurokin High Leverage Diagonal Cutting Nippers 7700N-200BG

Sale price$58.00

The Kurokin Diagonal Cutting Nippers 7700N-200BG is Fujiya's sharpest nippers as it has both high leverage structure and mirror polishing process. The high leverage structure facilitates works with small strength.

The blades are processed by Fujiya's original mirror finish technology called "Micro Mirror Blade". According to Fujiya, this improves the cutting capacity by 20~30% compared with its conventional models.

Compact and thin straight blades enhance the mechanism of leverage, which gives smoother cutting.

A shackle attached on the grip end which makes easy to connect with a safety cord.

Stylish black gold color, adding a sense of luxury.

For professional engineers who usually engage in electrical works (weak electric). Specializes in VA/VFF wire cutting.

Technical Details