Fujiya Kurokin Stubby Adjustable Monkey Wrench FLS-53-BG

Sale price$38.00

This stubby adjustable wrench is fantastic for working in tight spaces. The short grip is easy to turn, and is offset to a 15-degree angle, reducing the space required to turn.

The jaws of the wrench feature three carved grooves, which prevent damage to nuts and bolts when turning, as it reduces pressure placed on the corners. The jaws open to an outstanding 53mm, which is significantly wider than comparable wrenches.

The high-quality steel body is very strong and rigid, and passes JIS standards for strength. Its small size is accentuated by its thinness, which makes it very lightweight, so you can use it for a long time without fatigue.

As with other Fujiya Kurokin products, its high-class and quality are signified by the sleek black and gold colorway. 

Technical Details