The development of tools transformed life and enhanced our way of living from ancient times. From each of life’s platforms, new tools are born, altered from time to time and may sometimes heighten personal spirit. The craftsman, depending upon his craft, can keep alive in the professionalism with specific tools.

Since 1948 ENGINEER has contributed to this transformation specializing in tools for the electronics industry. Specific tools with various uses including Screw Removers (the Nejisaurus), Scissors, Nippers, Pliers, Crimping & Stripping tools, Tweezers, Drivers and Wrenches. Tools produced with "Spirit” with the purpose to act as a bridge between generations and regard them as a cultural heritage.

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Engineer Multipurpose Scissors PH-50-DaitoolEngineer Multipurpose Scissors PH-50-Daitool
Engineer Slip Joint Pliers PZ-81-DaitoolEngineer Slip Joint Pliers PZ-81-Daitool
Engineer Japanese Scissors Tetsuwan PH-57-DaitoolEngineer Japanese Scissors Tetsuwan PH-57-Daitool
Engineer Circuit Tester Screwdriver DKD-01-DaitoolEngineer Circuit Tester Screwdriver DKD-01-Daitool
Engineer Diagonal Cutting Nippers 153mm NK-16-DaitoolEngineer Diagonal Cutting Nippers 153mm NK-16-Daitool
Engineer Tip Cutter Nippers NZ-03-DaitoolEngineer Tip Cutter Nippers NZ-03-Daitool
Engineer Tip Cutter Nippers NZ-05-DaitoolEngineer Tip Cutter Nippers NZ-05-Daitool
Engineer Side Cutting Pliers 165mm PD-06-DaitoolEngineer Side Cutting Pliers 165mm PD-06-Daitool
Engineer Neji Saurus Screw Removal Pliers PZ-78-DaitoolEngineer Neji Saurus Screw Removal Pliers PZ-78-Daitool
Engineer Wire Stripper for Thick Wire PA-07-DaitoolEngineer Wire Stripper for Thick Wire PA-07-Daitool
Engineer Wire Stripper for Ultrathin Wire PA-14-DaitoolEngineer Wire Stripper for Ultrathin Wire PA-14-Daitool
Engineer Handy Crimp Tool Complete Set PAD-02-DaitoolEngineer Handy Crimp Tool Complete Set PAD-02-Daitool
Engineer ESD-safe Normal Blade Micro Cutter NZ-12G-DaitoolEngineer ESD-safe Normal Blade Micro Cutter NZ-12G-Daitool
Engineer ESD-safe Reverse Blade Micro Cutter NZ-13G-DaitoolEngineer ESD-safe Reverse Blade Micro Cutter NZ-13G-Daitool
Engineer Bare Terminal Set PA-91-DaitoolEngineer Bare Terminal Set PA-91-Daitool
Engineer Insulated Terminal Set PA-92-DaitoolEngineer Insulated Terminal Set PA-92-Daitool
Engineer Combination Pliers PC-08-DaitoolEngineer Combination Pliers PC-08-Daitool
Engineer Screw Removal Tool Kit PDS-01-DaitoolEngineer Screw Removal Tool Kit PDS-01-Daitool
Engineer Electronic Snips (Straight Point) PH-33-DaitoolEngineer Electronic Snips (Straight Point) PH-33-Daitool
Engineer Electronic Snips (Curved Point) PH-34-DaitoolEngineer Electronic Snips (Curved Point) PH-34-Daitool

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