Engineer Neji Saurus Screw Removal Pliers PZ-78

Sale price$39.98

Engineer's Neji Saurus is a must-have tool for electricians. This Japanese combination pliers with screw removal jaws can perform various works such as removing stripped, rusted, torx (six-lobed), and dome headed screws.

21mm side cutting blades enables single cutting of dia 2.6mm x 3 cores VVF.

High leverage structure gives 30 % more powerful cutting compared with conventional pliers.

2 ways anti-slipping gripping jaw: the vertical serrations can firmly grip a screw head while horizontal serrations can firmly hold a tie band and a thin plate.

Crimper for bare terminals between 1.25 ~ 3.5 mm².

Oil-resistant T-shaped grip prevents the handle sleeve from twisting or turning round.

Technical Details