Deen Delta Palm Ratchet Reversible Thumbwheel Ratchet Wrench

Sale price$34.00

This portable palm ratchet is the perfect tool to pack away in your glove compartment or motorcycle toolkit, and could be a lifesaver when you don't have a full set of tools on the road.

This ratchet wrench can hold 1/4" hex and 1/4" square bits. It can hold screwdriver bits to use as a ratcheting screwdriver, or square adapters to hold sockets. Its delta shape provides excellent grip, so you can drive and unscrew screws, bolts and nuts with easily with just your fingertips.

The black lever on its surface can be used to switch the direction of the ratcheting action, making this a very convenient reversible ratchet wrench. The ratchet action features an impressive 72 gears, which offers incredible power.

What makes this palm ratchet unique from every other palm ratchet on the market, is the 1/4" square hole it features on the side. Simply insert a spinner handle into the whole, and you have a full-sized, fully functioning swinging or swivel-head ratchet. 

If you need to access screws, nuts or bolts in tight spaces, and cant fit your whole hand in there to use this palm ratchet, simply attach a 150mm Lockable Bit Holder or 150mm Square Socket Holder for extra reach.

Technical Details