Deen Swivel Head Spinner Handle Non-Ratcheting Bit Wrench

Sale price$29.95

This swivel head spinner handle allows you to set screws deeper and tighter than with a conventional screwdriver, as you're able to push the handle with the force of your body weight as opposed to just rotating it.

It's great for when you need that little bit of extra power to drive or loosen a screw. In addition, you can save space in your toolbox by being able to replace your screwdrivers with this spinner handle and a set of screwdriver bits.

Most spinner handles hold the screwdriver bit with magnetic force, which isn't always strong enough to hold the bit in place under pressure. This spinner handle holds the screwdriver bit with a physical locking adapter. Push your screwdriver bit into the 1/4" hex attachment and it will securely lock in place. Simply slide back the black collar to unlock it.

While ratcheting bit wrenches can be convenient in some situations, there are times when a non-ratcheting type is preferable. For example, the lack of ratcheting mechanism makes the head of this spinner handle thinner, and easier to use in tight spaces or up against walls and other surfaces. The swivel head allows you to rotate it faster than you can with a standard ratcheting bit wrench. And finally, fewer moving parts and a total lack of gears make this tool very durable.

Save even more space in your toolbox by attaching a 1/4" hex to 1/4" square adapter (sold separately), allowing your spinner handle to hold 1/4" sockets and act as a socket wrench.

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