Deen 75 Degree Deep Offset Wrench Set Double Box End Wrench 5 Pieces

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It’s rare to find a set of wrenches with such a deep offset. These unique box wrenches from Deen combine a few useful features to create a great and durable tool.

Deep offset wrenches like these are handy for removing nuts and bolts in confined spaces, as the 75-degree offset gives you a lot of clearance to work with. These are incredibly useful for mechanics, car enthusiasts, and anyone working in the automotive industry.

There are just some jobs that conventional wrenches and ratchets struggle to complete. In many vehicles, a lot of nuts and bolts are hidden away in recesses, like the nut on top of a car’s struts, or the bolts on intake manifolds. They’re often the only thing that works when you need to bleed your brake lines, or remove tucked away spark plugs.

Having that extra knuckle-clearance between the wrench handle and the obstruction may be the difference between removing the nut/bolt or not. Deep offset wrenches are the kind of tool that if you’ll always be happy if you have them when you need them, because if the job requires an offset wrench, in many cases, no other tool will do.

In addition to the enormous 75 degree offset, these wrenches come in Japanese standard sizes: 8x10mm, 9x11mm, 10x12mm, 12x14mm, 13x15mm, 14x17mm, 16x18mm, and 17x19mm - so they’re the best tool out there for working on Japanese vehicles.

In response to a lot of customer feedback, Deen made sure that the sides of the wrench opening are extra-thin, to provide even more clearance, and allow them to work in even tighter spaces. 

Finally, these wrenches are non-chamfered. Almost all box wrenches have chamfered openings, meaning there’s an angle or slope down from the outside of the wrench to the opening, which guides the bolt or nut in. The problem with that is that the bottom of the bolt or nut will not be in contact with the wrench - especially when you’re working with thinner nuts and bolt heads. This can cause your wrench to strip the corners of the bolt or nut.

Because these wrenches are not chamfered, their openings are completely flat. This causes total contact between the bolt and your wrench, limiting potential damage.

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