Atom Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistant Rubberized Work Gloves 122-GX

Sale price$5.99

These work gloves from Atom are built to last, even in the most active work sites. These are breathable and comfortable knitted polyester and nylon work gloves, that ensure great elasticity to fit most hand sizes.

The palm, fingers and, and backs of the gloves have been rubberized, giving them grip and durability. In addition to the overall rubber coating, a thick rubber sheet has been applied to the palm and fingers, which extends over the fingertips to ensure extra protection in an area that experiences heavy wear.

A second rubber sheet has been applied between the thumb and forefinger, making sure the area won’t split of tear when you’re carrying heavy or abrasive items.

These gloves are very abrasion-resistant on both the palm and the back of the hand. They’re heavy-duty work gloves designed for heavy-duty industries, such as logistics, construction, and civil engineering.

Technical Details