Atom Air Tector X Breathable Non-Slip Gloves Touchscreen Gloves 158

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These non-slip work gloves from Atom Gloves were created with comfort and convenience in mind.

The palms of these gloves are coating in a thick, rough layer of black anti-slip natural rubber. The uneven surface of the coating not only aids in grip, but makes the palm porous and breathable. Atom's unique "porous processing" technique make enables air to pass through the rubber, so that your hands stay comfortable while you work.

The special pattern of the rubber extends to the fingertips, making it possible to use touchscreens on equipment and smartphones while wearing these gloves. The knitted cotton/polyester gloves have high elasticity, meaning they will fit comfortably around the shape of your hand and reduce hand fatigue.

The non-slip rubber coating wraps around the fingertips, an area typically subject to extra wear and tear, making these gloves exceptionally durable.

Suitable for any work that requires firm grip, such as transportation, civil engineering, construction, agriculture, gardening and bag handling.

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