Olfa G Scraper Slim Multi-Purpose Scraper With Spare Blade Case 232B

Sale price$14.99

This is a narrow-width scraper that can be used for various purposes, such as cleaning stovetops, and removing adhesive, paint and rust.

The stainless steel blade is scratch and rust resistant, so you can use it in wet areas without worry. The scraper body is super strong and durable, made of double-injected glass fiber reinforced with polypropylene. It’s easy to hold, and the non-slip rubber grip fits securely in your hand.

This scraper is very versatile, and can be held many ways so that anyone can be comfortable when they work. The spare blade case comes with 6 replacement blades, and can be placed in the grip while you’re working, and used as a blade cover when the unit is in storage.

Technical Details