Deen Double Box End Ratcheting Wrench Set Flex Head Wrench 5 Pieces

Sale price$186.00

This set of five ratcheting wrenches by Deen is the perfect weapon in your toolbox to handle tough and stubborn bolts and nuts. These wrenches are unique in that both ends, both the ratcheting and non-ratcheting sides, are box wrenches.

The most common wrenches have a box end and an open end. These are very useful for most applications. As the box end applies even pressure over the bolt or nut, it’s perfect for the initial loosening. But the open end can be used quicker, so after breaking the bolt free with the box end, most people use the open end to take the bolt out quickly.

What’s quicker than an open-end wrench? A ratcheting wrench. And that’s what makes this tool ideal for removing bolts and nuts.

Use the non-ratcheting box end to apply maximum pressure evenly across a bolt or nut, allowing it to break free and start turning, and then use the ratcheting end to rapidly loosen and remove it.

There’s one more key thing about these wrenches that make them a cut above the rest. Most box wrenches are chamfered, meaning there’s an angle or slope down from the outside of the wrench to the opening, which guides the bolt or nut in.

The problem with that is that the bottom of the bolt or nut will not be in contact with the wrench, which can cause your wrench to strip the corners of the bolt or nut. These wrenches are not chamfered, they’re completely flat. This causes total contact between the bolt and your wrench, limiting potential damage.

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