Deen 1/4 Inch T-Handle Combination Socket Wrench & Bit Holder

Sale price$39.00

This all-in-one t-handle by Deen will help you get the job done faster and save space in your toolbox. 

In its default position, it can be used just like a typical 1/4" drive t-handle socket wrench. Attach any 1/4" socket on the end, and reap the benefits of the extra torque provided by the handle as you turn.

But there's more to this tool than meets the eye! Simply slide the collar at the tip of the shaft down, and transform your t-handle into a 1/4" screwdriver bit holder. Now you'll be able to use it exactly as you would a t-handle screwdriver. You'll be driving screws tighter, and more securely, all the while exerting less physical effort.

This development was based on feedback Deen had received from customers lamenting the fact that they need to change tools often while working. Deen decided to develop a t-handle with both male and female connectors, and it quickly became a hit with their customers.

In addition, the handle can easily be removed from the shaft for more compact storage. Unlike other products with removable handles, Deen ensures there will be no wiggling between the shaft and the handle, as they've specially designed the 1/4" connector between them to fit extra snug and secure. 

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