Deen Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver Multi-Bit Screwdriver Bit Holder-Daitool

Deen Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver Multi-Bit Screwdriver Bit Holder


The Deen Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver Multi-Bit Screwdriver Bit Holder is an incredibly compact and versatile tool. Use it as a conventional fixed screwdriver, or work faster with the ratcheting mechanism. You can even remove the shaft to save space in storage. 

Simply rotate the silver collar at the end of the handle to choose from three settings. 1: fixed, like a conventional screwdriver, 2: ratcheting clockwise, 3: ratcheting anti-clockwise. The ratcheting mechanism has 45 gears, so you can generate a lot of power.

This screwdriver holds bits with magnetic force, so it's capable of holding hex, square, and screwdriver bits (sold separately) allowing you to not only drive screws, but attach a socket and you can drive bolts too.

The shank is also removable, allowing you to replace it with a longer 150mm shank, or a 1/4" square shank (sold separately). 

  • Model: DNDR14SB
  • Contents: Handle, shank, 1x star bit.
  • Gears: 45
  • Total length: 95mm
  • Handle length: 67mm
  • Shank length: 28mm
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