Deen Demolition Screwdriver Set With Hex Bolsters (6 Pieces)

Sale price$119.00

This set of demolition screwdrivers by Deen was created to be the most versatile set of screwdrivers you could own. The drivers come in six of the most commonly-used screw sizes: +1, +2, +3 and -5, -6, -7 to ensure that you always have the right driver for the job.

Not only are they well-sized, Deen has reworked the traditional screwdriver handle to make it much more useful. The traditional octagonal screwdriver handle has its limitations when it comes to fast turning, so Deen gave these drivers pentagonal handles. This means that while you can still get a lot of grip and torque when holding it horizontally, you can also twist the driver fast with your fingertips.

Finally, each driver has a hex bolster just under the handle for when you need a little extra torque. Grip the screwdriver with one hand, and use a spanner to rotate at the bolster with the other - this is great for removing stuck screws.

Technical Details