Hasegawa Cutlery was formed from a small blade-polishing workshop in Gifu, Japan in 1933, and has expanded to produce over 130 different products. Their Canary brand of scissors and box cutters is their most widespread, while their HARAC brand of universal-design products continues to win Good Design Awards for their ease of use for people with mobility issues.

Many of their processes are completed in-house, by hand in their workshop in Gifu. Blades are sharpened and polished by experienced craftsmen on whetstones and inspected one by one before moving on to the molding process.

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Hasegawa Canary Corrugated Cardboard Cutter Knife Yellow DC-190F-DaitoolHasegawa Canary Corrugated Cardboard Cutter Knife Yellow DC-190F-Daitool
Hasegawa Canary Corrugated Cardboard Cutter Knife Yellow DC-190F
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Hasegawa Canary Office Scissors Gray EP-175F-DaitoolHasegawa Canary Office Scissors Gray EP-175F-Daitool
Hasegawa Canary Bond-free Handicraft Scissors GX-175-DaitoolHasegawa Canary Bond-free Handicraft Scissors GX-175-Daitool
Hasegawa Canary Bond-free Taping Scissors NS-160-DaitoolHasegawa Canary Bond-free Taping Scissors NS-160-Daitool

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