Hasegawa Canary Heavy-Duty Serrated Carpet Cutter 50mm NAW-205B

Sale price$24.00

The Hasegawa Heavy-Duty Carpet Cutter is the ultimate cutting tool, designed to tackle the toughest materials with precision and ease. Whether you're working with hard carpets, large boards, slippery fabrics, or challenging leather, this cutter is your go-to solution for efficient and clean cuts.

Featuring an angled blade for versatility, this cutter ensures you can effortlessly shear through hard carpets and that were once difficult to manage. The angled blade enhances control and access, so you can easily cut objects on the floor from a crouched position without needing to contort your wrist at a strange angle.

The blade features micro-serrations to provide an exceptional grip, making it a breeze to cut through slippery fabrics and challenging leather with confidence. The strength and durability of the stainless steel blade makes it a fantastic choice for many needs. Whether it's metal wire mesh, thick carpet, rigid plastic, or more, this cutter is up to the task.

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