Engineer Combination Scissors GT PH-55

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The Engineer PH-55 are a 4-in-1 multipurpose scissors used by professionals and hobbyists to cut a wide range of materials.

These Japanese scissors are literally "versatile" when it comes to cutting. 4-in-1 multi-purpose blade combination:

  • The front edge cut various objects with comfort, even slide-cutting the paper and cloth is easy.
  • The inner edge is micro-serrated. It tightly holds the object and nips it without slipping.
  • Wire cutter, adjacent to the pivot, is suitable for cutting wires. By cutting off wires with this part extends the blade sharpness.
  • The back blade is also cuttable. Useful to open cardboard box without damaging the contents.

Grips are designed in maximum consideration of safety. Anti-slip handles enables to grasp the outside ring with stronger grip; bumper has overlapping guard preventing finger pinch; and ring part facilitates more efficient strength transmission.

Blade cap has holes which help water drainage. This prevents the blade from rusting.

Awarded design (International Design Excellence Awards in 2012, Good Design Award in 2015).

Technical Details