Deen Universal Scissors All Purpose High Performance Scissors 155mm

Sale price$48.00

These high-performance scissors by Deen were designed to be the last and only pair of scissors you will ever need. 

Made out of hard and sharp molybdenum vanadium stainless steel, the list of uses for these scissors is nearly endless. They can cut paper and cardboard with ease, they can cut through aluminum and steel cans, wire, power cords, CDs and DVDs, clothing, rubber sheets, and hard foods like crab shells and chicken bones.

Their versatility means you can use multiple pairs of Deen Universal Scissors for different applications. Keep one pair in the kitchen to use as cooking shears, keep another in the garage to cut through packaging and wires, and keep another on the boat for when you're fishing. Deen's Universal Scissors are the go-to scissors for two Japanese professional fisherman, because they can cut through even braided line without much effort.

The slight serration on the blade means they won't slip when cutting hard items like CDs, and they'll cut through soft items like fabric by gripping onto the fibers.

Technical Details