Higonokami Japanese Pocket Knife VG10 Steel Folding Knife 170mm

Sale price$45.00

Higonokami is a hand-forged Japanese pocket knife ideal as an everyday carry tool, or for use outdoors. It has excellent cutting capacity and durability.

This particular Higonokami model features a laminated blade. Very sharp and rust-resistant VG10 steel is sandwiched between two layers of soft iron, leaving only the cutting edge exposed. This adds durability and flexibility, and prevents the hard VG10 steel from breaking.

Higonokami knives feature a double-bevel reverse tanto blade, making them great for use in both the left and right hands, and ideal for piercing tough materials. 

The VG10 steel core is a hybrid of carbon steel and stainless steel, bringing the best of both worlds: excellent sharpness, and high rust resistance. 

Kanekoma has been producing handmade Higonokami knives for over 100 years, across five generations in the same family. You can be confident in their quality and expertise. 

Technical Details