Nonaka was founded in 1908 in Tokyo, Japan, to produce sewing machine parts and spools. In the 1970s, the company president was asked by a friend, who was a tailor, to develop a quiet hole punch. Traditional hole punches had to be hit with a hammer, making a loud sound.

In response to this request, Nonaka developed the Screw Punch, their flagship product. The Screw Punch makes holes in fabrics and leather by twisting a blade rather than through brute force, which causes less damage to the material around the hole.

Each Screw Punch blade is sharpened and polished by hand, using a unique technique that has been used by Nonaka since 1976, aiming to maximize sharpness. Nonaka is a family company, the current president is the grandson of the founder.

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Nonaka Japanese Screw Punch Blades (1.0mm - 5.0mm)-DaitoolNonaka Japanese Screw Punch Blades (1.0mm - 5.0mm)-Daitool
Nonaka Japanese Screw Punch Blades (1.0mm - 5.0mm)
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4 Reviews
Sale price$18.00
Nonaka Japanese Screw Punch with Spare Blade NS-SP-DaitoolNonaka Japanese Screw Punch with Spare Blade NS-SP-Daitool
Nonaka Japanese Screw Punch with Spare Blade NS-SP
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
2 Reviews
Sale price$52.00

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