What’s the Best Brand of Screwdrivers? 5 Japanese Screwdriver Brands

Best Screwdriver Brands
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    It is difficult to say what the best brand of screwdrivers is. When you’re choosing your favorite screwdriver, you need to think about what type of project you’re completing, the type of screws you’re using, and also your personal preferences in design and comfort.

    There are many screwdriver brands, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s overwhelming to sift through all the options to determine which one is best for you. Let’s narrow it down a bit. Japan is well-known for manufacturing top-quality tools. Professionals know Japanese tools are precise, durable, and reliable, and that they are made with the highest quality materials, such as high-carbon tool steel.

    If we focus on Japanese screwdriver brands, it narrows down the field of options to a select few that we know will be of high quality. By doing research and considering your specific needs, you can make an informed decision and choose a screwdriver brand you can stick with, and that will serve you well for many years.

    Screwdrivers come in different shapes, sizes and materials. Choosing the right one can make a tremendous difference in the quality and efficiency of your work. If you are looking for the best quality screwdrivers, then you need to consider Japanese brands. Another great point about Japanese screwdrivers is that their star drivers are made to the JIS specification - which means they work on Phillips screws and Japanese screws without damaging the screw or the driver, which makes them twice as useful and versatile as a standard Phillips screwdriver.

    In this blog post, we will introduce you to the best screwdriver brands and explain why they’re worth your investment. Consider one of these brands for your next project, and experience the precision, durability, and reliability that they offer.


    Vessel is the oldest producer of screwdrivers in Japan, and is known as maybe the best brand of screwdrivers in the world. They are synonymous with quality and prestige. They have been producing screwdrivers since 1916, and their experience is clear when you pick up their tools.

    Daitool sells a 10pc combination slotted and JIS screwdriver set from Vessel. These drivers have wooden handles which ensure a good grip under any conditions. Promising full torque whether your hands are dry or covered in oil. Which makes them a favorite of mechanics and motorcycle riders across Japan. Many popular motorcycle brands come from Japan. So Vessel screwdrivers have become a vital motorcycle tool for riders worldwide.

    Best brand of screwdrivers


    Tone was founded in Osaka in 1938 and has become a trusted global brand, especially for construction and demolition.

    Their focus is on bolting, and their ratchets, sockets and spanners are among the most relied upon fastening tools in Japan. Tone are known for using the highest quality stainless steel and titanium to make their tools, and everything they make, from spanners to toolboxes, are built to last.

    Tone makes screwdrivers in many specifications, including JIS, hex and Torx. Their demolition screwdrivers, which include a metal striking plate connected to the shank, are perfect if you’re looking for a Japanese screwdriver for heavy-duty applications. Demolition screwdrivers can be struck with a hammer to apply extra pressure when prying or scraping, or to allow the driver to set deeper into the screw head. This is especially useful when your screw is rusted or damaged.

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    Engineer has been making high-quality tools in Osaka, Japan, since 1948. They pride themselves on making “tools with spirit” and do not discern between professional and hobbyist use. They make tools that please even professional craftsmen, but anybody can use them.

    Engineer makes many screwdrivers, but they specialize in electrician tools. Their circuit-testing electrician screwdriver is fully insulated. So it allows the user to have complete peace of mind while testing mains power and live wires.

    Many Japanese know Engineer for their Neji Saurus range of screw-removal pliers. If you’re working with screws often, you’ve probably experienced getting a screw stuck. So it might be worth checking out this Engineer Screw Removal Tool Kit, which includes a pair of Neji Saurus pliers, and our article all about removing stuck and broken screws.

    Screwdriver Brands

    Kyoto Tool (KTC/Nepros)

    Kyoto Tool was founded in 1950 and has been specializing in making hand tools ever since. KTC and Nepros tools, produced by Kyoto Tool, are known worldwide as being some of the best quality tools on the market. They’re coveted by professionals, especially in the automotive industry, because of their unmatched quality and durability.

    They produce tools as you'd expect–hardened steel and black rubber handles. Tools that get the job done. But they've begun to produce tools influenced by Kyoto's traditional craftsmanship. These visually pleasing tools have been a hit with customers abroad.

    They have a set of lacquered ratchets inspired by the traditional art of Kyoto. And some beautiful wooden-handled screwdrivers, too. This sets them apart from most Japanese toolmakers, who focus on function and durability over aesthetics.

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    Anex began as a screwdriver producer but diversified into making a full variety of hand tools. Although they’ve made significant efforts to shift toward specializing in power-tool attachments, such as drill bits and screwdriver bits, they’re still one of the best screwdriver brands in Japan.

    Their magnetic screwdriver handles are one of their most popular and versatile products. You only need a single handle rather than a complete set of screwdrivers. You insert the screwdriver bits from your power drill into the handle and have a screwdriver in any size.

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