Tone Go Through Square Shank Screwdriver Set 6 Pieces KD6

Sale price$36.00

This screwdriver set is manufactured by Tone Tool, a Japanese tool producer. You can rely on their screwdrivers’ practicality and user-friendliness.

Through-type screwdrivers: you can hammer the back end of the handle to allow their tip to fit further into the screw head.

Their square shank means it is possible to combine their use with wrenches (spanners) to obtain greater torque.

All the screwdriver tips contain a powerful magnet to hold screws when they are removed to reduce the possibility of dropping them.


Do not use screwdrivers as a wedge or chisel. Hammering or twisting objects with screwdrivers may lead to breakage.

When hitting screwdrivers with a hammer, hit the handle end vertically against the screw-head.

Technical Details