Vessel Woody Driver Screwdriver Set 10 Pieces 3010PS

Sale price$98.00

The Vessel Woody Driver 3010PS is a set of 10 screwdrivers. Although this product can handle normal DIY tasks, it is ideal for operations that involve heavy contact with oil on a frequent basis.

Its special non-slip handle prevents the torque from decreasing even if you use it with an oily hand. The handle is largely made from wood, so you can sense the natural feel on your hand and the faint aroma of wood.

The tip and all of the shank are made with chrome-vanadium steel with heat treatment and black chrome plating to enhance rust-resistance. It is also magnetized to facilitate extraction of the removed screws.

This product comes with five cross head (Philips head) screwdrivers and five flat head screwdrivers. Two of these are stubby screwdrivers designed for tasks in tight areas.

Technical Details