KTC JIS & Heavy-Duty Demolition Screwdriver Set (8-Pieces) TPMD18

Sale price$69.00

This is a set of eight extremely durable KTC screwdrivers. Included in the set are six demolition screwdrivers, with metal caps so you can strike them with a hammer or mallet, and hexagonal bolsters, so you can add extra torque with a wrench. These are heavy-duty screwdrivers for heavy-duty applications. Also included are two "stubby drivers" for access to screws in tight spaces.

The four "cross" shaped screwdrivers are JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) so they can work on both JIS and Phillips screws without damaging either the screw, or your screwdriver. JIS screwdrivers have become essential for automotive and electronic repair. Four flathead screwdrivers are also included.

Technical Details