Silky Nata Hatchet Double Edge Spare Blade 180mm 556-18

Sale price$53.00

Silky Nata is a Japanese hatchet designed to make your forestry operations efficient. This double-edged cutting tool is recommended for those who regularly engage in pruning, thinning, and forestry volunteering.

Great sharpness: Silky believes that Japanese sword is the best cutting tool in the world, so they pursue the samurai blade for better cutting capacity.

With the company's hardening treatment adopted to the whole blade, it has an excellent resistance to dullness and impact even under heavy use.

You need a handle to use this product: check out the body part of Silky Nata 180mm too.


For more details on how to exchange the blade, see videos available at the maker's official page.

Scroll down the page, and you can see four videos. Videos on the upper left (0:29 ~ 1:05) and lower left provide a demonstration of blade exchange.

Watch your hand and fingers while exchanging the blade.

Technical Details