Doukan is a traditional Japanese blacksmith located in Miki, Hyogo. Miki's blacksmithing prowess, particularly when it comes to agricultural and gardening tools, is known across Japan, with many of Japan's largest tool brands headquartered there.

Doukan's experienced blacksmiths dedicate themselves to creating user-friendly tools out of quality materials so that their city's legacy of outstanding craftsmanship will continue for decades more.

If you're looking for a grass sickle, harvesting sickle, weeding hoe, harvesting knife, kiridashi marking knife, or a quality pair of hedge shears or pruning shears, look no further than Doukan!

Every tool produced by Doukan is made to the highest standards passed down to each generation from the last. Their combined decades of blacksmithing experience allows them to hand-forge quality stainless and carbon steel sickles, knives, shears, scissors, tin snips and more to the highest standards.
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